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Assessments of Personality Type and Leadership Style

New Hire Assessment

STM provides assessments of new hire candidates, with a focus on their suitability for the required work, and how they will fit with other personnel in that specific work place. Work skills and knowledge can be learned, but temperament and personality styles needs to be understood and accepted. Clarity is the key.

Components of an assessment include:

  • A personality profile analysis from testing
  • A job perception inventory of the candidate’s perception of the job
  • An in-depth personal behavioral interview
  • A report with an analysis of the information to include strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations

Church Planter Assessments

STM provides testing and facilitation at Assessment Centers for prospective church planters. From over 25 years with various denominations, church movements, and cultures, a series of best practices have been developed with flexibility to adapt to the uniqueness of each group.

The process to assess prospective church planters is a very specialized evaluation. The building blocks include unique entrepreneurial skills, a healthy mental state, well-adjusted relationships, a deeply spiritual walk with God, and a clarity of their call to plant a church. This assessment, leading to a final recommendation, comes from a panel of professionals, which includes experienced church planters.

STM professionals provide:

  • Personality style testing with a presentation to the candidate and assessors

  • In-depth interview on the candidate’s emotional health, marital adjustment, family of origin, and other related personal items

  • Professional advice leading to the final recommendation

  • The disposition report is drafted and prepared for delivery

A typical Assessment Center Includes:

  • Demonstration of preaching
  • A model of ministry from the church planter candidate
  • Ministry interviews with the assessors
  • Interactive activities allowing observation of social and leadership skills
  • A project presentation for a church planting movement

As a recognized leader in team building, leadership, and personality defining,

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