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The Professional Services We Offer

Team Building

STM provides team building for groups of all types and sizes.  Each team building process is customized to fit the unique needs of that client group.  The STM experience builds trust, creating synergy resulting in high performance.

Components of the Team Building Process:

  • Defining personality styles
  • Gathering team data through surveys and interviews
  • Generating feedback reports
  • Experiencing a team building event / retreat
  • Interactive practices provide experiential learning
  • Action planning producing a prioritized list of best practices
  • Team training and follow-up

Personality Type Training

Training sessions are offered where the participant learns the basic personality types, discovers their own type, and acquires the skill to read and strategically respond to others.  Participants in training will receive coaching to become skilled in communicating with differing types.  For more information on this subject from our Portrait Systems instruments click the following link: www.portraitsystems.com.

    Image Maker

    The Image Maker is an individual assessment and coaching process comparing the person’s self-perception with how others view them. The results are obtained through a personality profile, an in-depth interview, and interview responses from a select group of references who are well acquainted with the candidate. This information is analyzed and presented to the candidate with recommendations in a confidential feedback session. This well documented report yields a realistic view of how this individual is perceived by others. The Image Maker allows information to be obtained and delivered without added personal risk to the candidate or references. Follow-up coaching is offered.

    A common application for the Image Maker is to provide remedial intervention on the candidate’s performance in the workplace as a corrective action requirement. New supervisors and high-potential managers have found the program valuable in fine-tuning their personal leadership and relational skills. The Image Maker will position the candidate with an advantage for significant growth and development.

      Team Assessment and Action Planning

      Participants will learn the pattern of progressive team development through a team performance model. A team survey will measure current effectiveness through the team model, and develop a prioritized action plan through a nominal group process.

        Creative Coaching

        Through highly interactive training sessions, participants are taught and will practice effective coaching skills. The focus of coaching is on the supervisory role that influences an employee toward peak performance. These methods have been effective in employee problem solving, corrective behavioral changes, and interactions between co-workers.

          Facilitation Training

          Facilitation Training offers skills demonstrating the unique role of the facilitator as a process leader. Interactive practices are taught, leading to the prioritization of action steps. Methods of facilitation include the Nominal Group Process, 10/4, and S.M.I.L.E.

            Power of the Presentation

            This training gives the presenter an opportunity to develop organizing skills leading to the delivery of a magnetic presentation. From capturing the audience with an opening statement to the concluding wrap-up, unique skills are demonstrated. Use of video for peer critique during this training is an option.