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The Professional Services We Offer

Team Building

STM builds high performance teams. Team building is customized to fit the unique needs of each group. The STM method creates an atmosphere of safety building trust and synergy, resulting in high performance.

Components of Team Building:

• Defining diverse personality styles of team members
• Gathering measurable data through surveys and interviews
• Generating reports
• Providing an event
• Interactive practices offering experiential learning
• Action planning
• Ongoing follow-up

Image Maker

The Image Maker is an assessment and coaching process comparing an individual’s self-perception with how they are viewed by others. This awareness provides valuable insight. A protocol of confidentiality is maintained.

Components of the Image Maker

• Personality profile instruments
• A candidate’s self-perception interview
• Perception interviews of candidate from others
• Analysis of information
• A confidential report of strengths, weaknesses and recommendations

    Creative Coaching

    Coaching creates a relationship designed to improve performance, enhance understanding, and solve problems. The focus of coaching is on a supervisory role that influences peak performance in the person being coached.

    Components of Coaching:

    • Tuning into personality type
    • Developing verbal and nonverbal communication skills
    • Confronting bringing deficiencies into the open for correction
    • Counseling to affect the resolution of problems related to performance
    • Tutoring
    • Mentoring


      Facilitation is process leadership. A facilitator is a guide, not a participant. Focus is on process and results, with interaction leading toward a decision from the group.

      Methods of Facilitation

      • Nominal Group Process – a method of prioritizing action steps
      • S.M.I.L.E Facilitation – a problem solving model
      • 10/4 – a short form prioritizing method
      • Workshop Process – accesses the power of collective thinking

        Power of the Presentation

        Training gives the presenter organization and delivery skills. Capturing the audience from the opening statement to the concluding message, demonstrates the magnetic skill of the trained presenter.