These are the services that we offer to our clients.

Team Building

STM provides team building for groups of all sizes and types. The STM experience builds trust, creating a synergy that results in high performance. The process includes: gathering team data, defining personality styles, producing feedback reports, experiencing a team-building event/retreat, and working through a follow-up action plan.

Image Maker

The Image Maker is a personal assessment and coaching process. It compares a person’s self-perception with how others view them. The process includes a thorough personality profile evaluation, a self-perception interview, and complete report reflecting a summary of responses from the interviews with a selected reference group. This information is analyzed and condensed into a focused feedback report to include recommendations. Coaching sessions are provided. This process will position the candidate with a significant advantage for personal growth and development.

Surveys and Workplace Evaluations

Team Audit Survey – This survey provides confidential feedback from the team members on how they perceive their team functioning. The responses are reported through a Team Map Model.

Employee Opinion Survey – STM will create a customized opinion survey for an organization providing teaming questions, as well as the traditional human resource queries important to the ongoing health of the organization.

Assessment Centers for Church Planting

STM provides testing and facilitation at Assessment Centers for prospective church planters. From over twenty years of experience with a variety of denominations, church movements, and cultures, a series of best practices have been established. Keeping in step with the changing church scene, STM serves assessment centers domestically and internationally.

The unique process of data collection, behavioral interviews, group process observations, and public ministry presentations, all contribute to the final disposition determined by a panel of seasoned assessors.

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Multi-day process includes:

Personality instruments
In-depth behavioral interviews
Simulated church planting situations
Case studies
Final disposition – with recommendations

New Hire Assessments

STM provides assessments of prospective new hires. This process provides a personality and job profile predicting the applicant’s fit into the hiring organization. The process includes:

Personality profile
Job perception by the candidate
A defining interview
Analysis and report with recommendations

Personality Assessment Instruments

STM provides online testing packages. Let us advise on the best selection of instruments to obtain your needed profile information. Our preferred instruments include the following:

Portrait Predictor

a 5 page DISC report predicting behavior and attitudes

Leader Portrait

a 20 page report defines your most effective place in the leadership process to influence others.

Golden Personality Profiler

a robust 17 page report centered around the Jungian 4 letter types defining your personality preferences.

Personality Factor Profile

a more detailed 21 page DISC report on how the candidate views and responds to life’s situations.

Job Perception Inventory

an instrument reporting job perception in the DISC format

Gallup’s StrengthsFinder

provides the top 5 strengths from a possible 34 themes


an assessment for couples identifying similarities and differences in their relationship

Watson-Glasser Critical Thinking Inventory

measures the ability to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions